St. Mark's Mission Endowment Fund

The Mission Endowment Fund is one of two St. Mark's endowment funds. It is administered by the Mission Endowment Board. Monies deposited into the fund are by gift or bequest and then invested. The deposits themselves are retained with only the earnings therfrom being  spent. 

Three broad areas are covered by the fund's expenditures. These areas are:

  • improvements to the St. Mark's Springfield church

  • ELCA related activities

  • outreach programs to the community

An attempt is made to generally provide each covered area with the same amount of funds. Internal fund controls limit the expenditures to five percent of the fund's value in a given year. Under this growing program the mission of the church may be continued well into the future using the fund's monies.

For more information, please contact Tom Zack at EMAIL.