Many thanks to the countless people who worked hard to make the day so beautiful!

Almost 240 people gathered in church and over 50 computers were streaming our one bilingual service. At the beginning of the service, our mortgage notes were presented as paid in full and we prayed in thanksgiving that St. Mark’s is now debt free. Later in the service, we celebrated the Presentation of Our Lord and sent the doll representing the Baby Jesus home with one of our families until next Christmas Eve.

Throughout the service, we heard beautiful music from four of St. Mark’s music ministries. At the end of the service, we burned our mortgage for all to see. Just before dismissal from the service, Council’s vision and strategies were shared. After the service, we picked up our meals in the Fellowship Hall and spread out around the building to celebrate. It was a beautiful day with all of God’s diverse people celebrating our unity in God’s family and looking to the future with excitement!