Legacy Giving

What is Legacy Giving?

Have you ever thought about making a legacy gift to St. Mark's? A Legacy Gift is a planned future donation to a charity, given through your will or other form of beneficiary designation (life insurance, IRA, or trust document). It can be in whatever amount you designate and can take any number of forms, which are described in greater detail in the two-page tri-fold pamphlet at the right.

There are many benefits of Legacy Giving to St. Mark's and your gifts can make a difference! Some of these benefits include showing your love for God and your neighbor, changing the world for the Kingdom of God, supporting missions and programs important to you over your lifetime, improving your life satisfaction, and reducing your tax burden. Click HERE for a list of and information on St. Mark's Legacy Givers.

Become a St. Mark's Legacy Society member today! Questions? The pamphlet linked to the image at the right describes the program and contains contact information for getting answers to any questions you may have.

Your gifts can make a real difference! It's truly a win-win for everybody!