Vacation Bible School 2019
"ROAR! Life is Wild * God is good"

This summer we are going to ROAR into life with our summer VBS!  

Save the dates of June 23 – 27, 2019 for a Roaring good time!

More information to come!


We need some volunteers to help make this a successful VBS. Please look through the list below
and email Rachel Bowerman at Rachel.Defassio@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer!

Searching for:


Assistant Director

Small Group Leaders

Station Leaders

Decorator Guru

Craft Guide



"Splash Canyon" 2018 VBS 2018 was an inspiring and successful "splash" for all! We spent the week with Old Testament characters Moses, Joshua, and Namaan and with New Testament figures Paul and Jesus. Through their stories, we learned how God keeps his promises to be with us always.

COMING SOON!!! ADDITIONAL pictures of our 2018 VBS kiddos!

"Mighty Fortress" 2017 VBS 2017 was a success and good fun for all! We learned that in Jesus, the Victory is won! They say many hands make light work. We had many hands involved in preparing for and being present for our Vacation Bible School--thanks to the congregation and to those individuals who worked on the front lines of our "Mighty Fortress" to make it all work.

Click HERE for ADDITIONAL pictures of our 2017 VBS kiddos!

"The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales VBS" 2016 VBS 2016 was a success and a good time was had by all! Our "crew members" set sail with The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and enjoyed the high seas of adventure through breathtaking Bible stories and sweet treats that reinforced Bible truth, lively worship, action-packed games, amazing science experiments, and high-quality, kid-created mementos that lasted long after our last young mate disembarked.

Click HERE for photos of "The pirates who don't do anything:  a veggie tales vbs" from VBS 2016!

"Entering Narnia" was the theme for VBS in 2015, based on one of the books from CS Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia." In this book, CS Lewis's main characters are children who go on an adventure in Narnia and learn about Aslan, the great lion, who we learn is Jesus in our world. We are excited to share this fun adventure through the story telling of Professor Kirk, the caring guardian; the Beavers, who guide the children along the journey; and others. Those who joined us on the adventure into the wardrobe learned many Biblical stories through a new and exciting way.

Click HERE for photos of "Entering Narnia" from VBS 2015!