Timely Requests:

St. Mark's Back Pack Leaf Blower has not been returned. The church will have to purchase a new Stihl Model BR450 to replace the old one.  ~ from the Property Committee
"Food for Others" Driver Needed for one Tuesday every four weeks to pick up food in Merrifield at 5:00 PM and drop it off at church. Contact Nan Ackerman (or call 703-425-9192) or Debbie Brown (or call 703-798-7021) for information.
Accounting for St. Mark's Keys:  In an effort to gain control over keys to St. Mark's buildings, please fill in the information for a list of ANY KEYS you have to St. Mark's buildings and click the SUBMIT form button found at the end of the form. Your response will be sent to Kathia Rojas in the church office via this form. All fields are required as noted with an asterisk (*). Thank you! Click HERE for the form in English and HERE for the form in Spanish.
Photo Directories Are Here!  One directory per family is available for pickup in the Narthex for those who participated in a photo session. If you did not have your photo taken but would still like to get a directory, you can purchase one for $5.00.  

Useful Information

Fall/Winter/Spring Worship Schedule:  We have three services: 
English at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM, and Spanish at 1:00 PM.
Sunday School times:  English (children) at 9:40 AM and (adult) at 9:46 AM, Spanish (children) at 1:15 PM.
2017 Benevolence Designees at St. Mark's are:  Q1 - ELCA Disaster Appeal; Q2 - St. Mark's ESOL; Q3 - Metro D.C. Synod, ELCA; and Q4 - ELCA World Hunger.
Adults! Join The 9:46 Crowd!  Our adult Sunday School class meets from 9:46 AM to 10:40 AM in Room 214. Join us as we begin our year of celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. The "Reformation Overview" series consists of six short films followed by discussion. We still have two sessions to go--January 15 is "The Anabaptists" and January 22 is "William Tyndale."
Next Military Packages Collection:  Sunday, January 29, 2017 Our January recipient will be Chelsey Reams--Captain Reams is in the Air Force and deployed to Kuwait in October, serving on a Coalition Task Force. She is one of very few Americans serving in the unit and works side-by-side with our Allies to combat ISIS. Chelsey was suggested by Lisa Ryan--Lisa and her husband Tim have both been recipients of our packages when they were deployed. When we get information about any specific things that Chelsey and her cohorts might like to receive, we will let you know. In the meantime, according to Lisa, "Homemade sweets are always welcome. :)"
We will be looking for names for recipients for February and beyond--please let Mary or Gerald Eskelund or Gayle Parsons know of any deployed person who would like to get packages. If you can give us their email address in addition to their regular mail address, that would be wonderful--we will try to contact them to see if they have any particular needs or likes. Thank you for your always generous support!  Click HERE to read more about our November deliveries and for a THANK YOU from our recent recipients! 
Information on the Life Center:  Click HERE to view an invitation to join and a message from Al Van Nostrand, president of St. Mark's Life Center.
St. Mark's Life Center:  1) Have you been putting off starting an exercise program? Would you like the convenience of having one here at St. Mark's? The Life Center would like to sponsor a fitness class of some sort. AND 2) Party Planner needed in the near future to help in planning for another Senior Luncheon sponsored by The Life Center.
If you are interested in either of these activities, contact Jeannine Van Nostrand at 703-981-1404 or dinzee7@gmail.com, or leave your name and contact information on the sign-up sheet on the Life Center bulletin board.
Pictures from Las Posadas:  Click HERE for pictures and a recap of the lovely Las Posadas Christmas play.
A Warm Thank You from Lynbrook Elementary School:  James D. Nocco, the Lynbrook Elementary School Principal, recently sent a letter to thank St. Mark's for the donation of seventeen new coats that are to be used by their students. He especially thanked the Mission Endowment Fund and Carl Anderson, the person who purchased and delivered the coats.
We are continuing a tradition started by Margret Feigel. New coats or coats in good condition may be left in the "Margret's Kids" box in the church narthex. Someone from the Mission Endowment Fund Committee or Jan Pantin (from Lynbrook) will take them over to the school. Of course, members are free to take their donations directly to the school office if they wish to do so.
Boy Scout Troop 881 Entertain at Heatherwood:  For a service project, on November 25th (Black Friday), the Crew/Troop/Pack 881 went to Heatherwood retirement community in Burke to entertain the residents. Click HERE for a report from three Scouts on their experience! 
Help Keep Our Church Home and Contents Safe:  Please remember to check and lock doors, especially if you're the last one out. So many of us use the church property all week and often at odd hours... it's sometimes hard to know if we should lock doors we find open. Please take a moment to see if you are the last chance for a door to get locked and provide safety and peace of mind that our church home is protected. Thanks from the Property Committee!
2017 Flower Dedication Requests:  Click HERE to download the 2017 Flower Dedication Requests form. Print it, fill it out, and return it with your check payable to St. Mark's Altar Guild for the total of your $20-per-dedication requests to Patti Carlson or the church office.
ECHO's clients' current needs:  Learn more here on ECHO's current needs... 
St. Mark's Handbell Ministry:  Join one of our handbell ensembles this year and ring to the Lord a new song! To learn about Adult Bells, click HERE! To learn about Youth Bells (grades 6 and up), click HERE!  Contact handbell director, Alice Real, at alice.e.real@gmail.com or 757-784-8192 for more information!
500th Anniversary of the Reformation... we have a committee! Learn more here...
Confirmation Mentorship Program. Learn more here... and Click here for mentor qualifications and mentor/student responsibilities.> 
Changes for St. Mark's Montessori School. Learn more here...   
ESL has a new acronym--ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)! Learn more here... 
Ride-a-Long Ministry:  What is a Ride-A-Long Ministry? A ministry that supports mentorship in the youth program between the youth director and the youth when the youth or parents are unable to assist with transportation. See how you can help here>
Requests from Lynbrook Elementary School. Learn more about their current needs!
Requests from ECHO. Learn more here... 
Lutherans at Greenspring Worship. Learn more here...  
New "Building Use Policy"... See it here! (or find it on the FORMS page)
Share warm clothes with "Margret's Kids"... Learn more> 
Prayer Shawl Ministry:  a reminder that prayer shawls are available--knitted and crocheted--to be given as a comfort to anyone in need of such ministry... Learn more> 
Distribution of communion to those who are ill and homebound...  calll the church office if you are in need of this service... Learn more> 
Request for interpreters at Arlington Free Clinic... Learn more> 
Boy Scout Troop 881's Life Scout Daniel Tran's Eagle Scout project:  "The Outdoor Classroom"  Learn about Daniel's design, construction, and installation of the Physical Education Trail at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Reserve's Outdoor Classroom... Learn more>  Daniel sends a big THANK YOU! to St. Mark's for their help HERE!!! 
Have news to share with the congregation?  Send it via email to communications@stmarks-elca.org to be published in the appropriate publication—E-Messenger, This Week, our website, and our Facebook page. Deadline is Tuesday at 5:00 PM, for same-week publishing.
Click HERE for ELCA GLOBAL LINKS newsletter from the ELCA. 


The Village at Rockville Auxiliary's annual meeting... Thursday, January 26, 2017, 10:30 AM in their chapel Learn more here>> 
Military Package Collection... Sunday, January 29, 2017
Hypothermia Week... February 5-12, 2017, at St. Mark's Check the narthex for current needs and save travel-sized items for our guests' use.

Upcoming Events

Click HERE, print and fill out the GIFTS FOR MINISTRY form, then bring it to the office the next time you are at church.
* * * * *
Church Office hours 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM [Click here for specific info]
8:30 AM English Worship Service with Holy Communion
9:40 AM – English Sunday School
9:46 AM – "The 9:46 Crowd" (English Adult Sunday School)
11:00 AM – English Worship Service with Holy Communion
1:00 PM Spanish Worship Service with Holy Communion
1:15 PM Spanish Sunday School
6:00 AM to 6:30 AM in the sanctuary
- Prayer Group (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
9:30 AM to 2:00 PM in the Friendship House
- Quilts and More (every Tuesday)
6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall
- Food for Others (every Tuesday)
6:30 PM to 7:00 PM [Registration, Books $10]
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in Rooms 214, 216, 217
(every Tuesday)
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the church lounge
- Listening for God:  Reading Together the Acts of the Apostles (every Tuesday evening)
7:30 AM in Church Lounge
- Men's Wednesday Morning Breakfast Group (every Wednesday)
6:30 PM to 7:00 PM [Registration, Books $10]
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in Rooms 214, 216, 217
(every Wednesday)
6:00 AM to 6:30 AM in the sanctuary
- Prayer Group (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM in the narthex
- Listening for God:  Reading Together the Acts of the Apostles (every Thursday morning)
10:30 AM at The Village at Rockville's chapel
- The Village at Rockville Auxiliary's annual meeting... Learn more here>> 
5:30 PM in Room 218
- ESOL (every Friday)
6:30 PM in Room 117
- Girl Scouts (every Friday)
6:30 PM in the narthex with Pastor Varinia
- Tabita circle MIELA Bible Study (every Friday)
6:00 AM to 6:30 AM in the sanctuary
- Prayer Group (every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
2:00 PM in the Friendship House/Fellowship Hall
- Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts (every Saturday)
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in Room 218
- ESOL Citizenship Class for our immigrant neighbors who speak basic English (every Saturday)
5:00 PM in Friendship House
- Men's Bible Study in Spanish (every Saturday)
* * * SAVE THE DATE! * * *
Military Package Collection... January 29, 2017
Hypothermia Week... February 5-12, 2017, at St. Mark's Check the narthex for current needs and save travel-sized items for our guests' use.